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Health In Focus Reviews

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What Our Shelburne Patients Say

At Health In Focus we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Help After Car Accident

I initially came to see Dr. Shelley January 2013 after a co-worker referred me because I was involved in a car accident. Due to the accident I was not able to function. After I started seeing Dr. Shelley I noticed a difference in my alignment right away. I’ve gotten healthier, stronger, lost weight and I feel like a better person overall. Many of my co-workers and close friends say that the change in me is VERY noticeable. Dr. Shelley has helped me feel even better than I was before my accident. I always look forward to seeing her. This is one of my favorite places to be. Everyone make this feel like home. Go see a chiropractor! WE ALL NEED IT! All of us!

– J. A.

Constant Pain

I started chiropractic care in June 2014 after a co-worker referred me. I had intense pain in my lower back and hip area. I was unable to bend to even pick up my child, in constant pain and could not get comfortable doing anything or in any position, sitting or standing. I had tried physical therapy and was given medication which dulled the pain for a short time but it never went away.

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I saw improvement in my condition on the first day. I was a skeptic about chiropractic care until the day I entered the office at the advice of others. I explained my problem and within moments of my treatment I was feeling better. At 42 years old I have been able to do activities that would have had me incapacitated for days after. I have been able to do activities with more energy, no pain and all around good health. This was not the case in the past.

I was plagued with joint pain, muscle pain, and stomach issues that have been resolved since being treated by Dr. Shelley. Drs. Brandon & Crombach are always quick to get you in, consistent in care, knowledgeable and everyone in the office know your name. You are not just a patient. My advice for those presently not under chiropractic care is do not draw an opinion on the treatment of doctors until you have tried it.

– M. L.

Help with Back Pain & Headaches

My family was referred to Dr. Shelley by my husband’s parents in June 2012. Before I started chiropractic care I had headaches and back pain. I also sought care while I was pregnant. My kids had ear infections, bowel issues and breathing issues. My husband was involved in a car accident. I would get headaches daily and be very light sensitive. Also, having my son and being pregnant I would deal with back pain and it would limit the amount of activity/play time I could have with him. Tylenol did nothing for my headaches or back pain, really no meds helped.

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I began to see improvement in my condition within 2-3 weeks. Today my headaches are nearly non-existent. I am pregnant with #3 and I have had minimal back pain. I accidently threw out my hip which caused the baby to go breech. After a couple weeks of the Webster method from Dr. Shelley he flipped. My son’s asthma (induced by colds) has gone completely. In fact, both my son and daughter have experienced less colds since having regular chiropractic care. My son’s ears are better, less fluid and we have little trouble with bowel problems from either of the kids. I just love feeling this good so late in pregnancy. The back pain in my other pregnancies was bad and I just can’t believe at almost 32 weeks I have had hardly any! My husband had a full recovery and his back feels great!

In fact, he is better than before as he had one shoulder that was tighter than the other and from all the adjustments his shoulder are now even. I can play comfortably with my kids. My kids are not sick all the time and I no longer have to travel with a nebulizer for my son’s asthma. My advice for anyone not under chiropractic care is just give it a try for at least 2-3 weeks, you will see/feel a difference. Just try it! We love Dr. Shelley and Dr. Steve! They are so willing to help out any way they can to help you feel better! Rebecca and Lucy always make you feel welcome and you are not a bother if you need to be seen. They are happy to help get you the care you need! Thanks for all you do for making our family healthy!

– B. F.

Lower Back Pain Help

I started seeing Dr. Shelley for my lower back pain. I couldn’t work and had to be out of work for 1 week. I had been dealing with it all these years and thought “it will get better.” After three appointments I started to feel better and now I’m feeling great. I just wish I would have done this sooner. Dr. Shelley is great and the staff is very pleasant and helpful. My advice is just give it shot.

– P. S.

Help with Numbness & Tingling

I was referred by a friend in 2013. I was suffering from numbness and tingling (neuropathy), decreased range of motion and decreased strength in my left arm. I also had decreased range of motion of my cervical spine. I couldn’t utilize my left arm and hand for strenuous activity, no pushups, no pull ups, etc. I tried physical therapy, migraine meds, etc. I started seeing improvement in my condition within 2-3 months. I regained physical activity such as push-ups, pull-ups, and swimming (20 laps 3-4x/week). I am able to utilize sensory proception w/ left hand, decreased neuropathy, and fewer headaches. I am able to exercise, mountain bike, kayak, garden, swim and hold hands with my wife and feel it. Even though you are feeling fine, adjustments are maintenance to preserve/rejuvenate the nervous system. Words cannot describe the feelings of gratitude, you gave me my life back.

– J. M.

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