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About Us

The roots of Health In Focus can be traced back to New York Chiropractic College. It was there that Dr. Shelley Crombach and Dr. Stephen Brandon met. Upon their graduation, they trained with an experienced chiropractor and leader in Scottsdale, Arizona. In order to be closer to family, they moved to Vermont in 2008 and practiced in South Burlington. Then shortly after, they moved their practice to Shelburne to serve babies, children, adults and seniors in our community. Together they have 24 years of experience and have adjusted hundreds of thousands of patients!

Hope for Healing and
Getting More Out of Life

Our practice philosophy is to give people hope, direction, tools and an expectation that they can live more comfortably, more confidently and more fully with a greater sense of health and well-being. We know that the more people who receive our chiropractic care, the healthier and happier our community will be.

Dr. Shelley and Dr. Steve bring an approach of love and encouragement, inspiration and excellence to work every day. They breathe these values into the many people they serve. You can tell how much they love their work and enjoy sharing in the journeys of their patients.

Understanding the True Power of Chiropractic

Over their years in practice, Dr. Shelley and Dr. Steve developed a deep understanding of the importance of the nervous system. There is an intelligence inside of us that allows us to function and sustains us. The nervous system organizes and orchestrates everything by sending messages from the brain to the body and back.

Chiropractic is well-known for its association with pain. Its true power, however, lies in unlocking the vitality that is inside each of us. By correcting interference in the nervous system, you can heal, grow, perform and live at your highest capacity. Our specific adjustments allow you to live fuller, be more connected, coordinated and comfortable with a greater expression of who you are!

Health is a great gift that must be prioritized, practiced and nurtured. Chiropractic is a key to unlocking this gift.”
Dr. Steve


One of Our Many Success Stories

We love playing a part in your healing. A memorable case involved a woman who had been dealing with headaches and migraines more than 20 times each month. She took medication regularly, and her home and work life were affected by her pain. Looking for help and digging deeper into what was going on, she found our chiropractic office.

After an examination, we located the source of her problem. We laid out a personalized plan that she was enthusiastic about. As we continued care, she noticed changes like fewer headaches and migraines, better sleep and greater energy. By the time we completed our initial stage of care, she was rarely taking medication and had just a headache or two each month. It was a result that she hadn’t considered as possible!

Find Out What We Can Do for You

If you’re ready to learn more about chiropractic, contact Health In Focus today! We’re open late for your convenience.

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