Excited to serve you and your family at Chiropractic for Kids & Adults!

Dr. Shelley Crombach and Dr. Stephen Brandon are board certified chiropractors licensed in the State of Vermont.  Experts in Chiropractic for families, they enjoy bringing natural health care solutions to a wide range of people, by going directly to the cause of dis-ease in the body.  They completed their doctoral degrees from the prestigious New York Chiropractic College and have been serving Vermont communities since 2008.

Dedicated to providing the best possible service to their practice members, Drs. Crombach and Brandon have studied in 15 different states and provinces and have provided chiropractic to underserved populations in the Dominican Republic.  A highlight of their countless hours of post-graduate education and clinical experience is a focus on pediatric chiropractic care and care for pregnant moms.  They are members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and have earned certification in Webster Technique.

Drs. Crombach and Brandon utilize Chiropractic Biophysics, the top research based chiropractic technique; to analyze and correct subluxations in all patients.  Their desire and willingness to help people is matched by their dedication to the study, training, and integration that it takes to achieve tremendous results. 

Drs. Crombach and Brandon enjoy living a full life together.   Their ultimate goal is to help you experience the abundance of LIFE inside you!  It is their purpose to help as many families as possible discover exactly how they can live a life of true health and happiness with a life time of optimized nerve system function. 


Meet Our Amazing Team!


I first started receiving chiropractic adjustments when I was a child and carried the practice into adulthood because it has always had such a positive influence on my health and well being. I, along with my family (and most of my friends!), get adjusted on a regular basis.

I have been working at Chiropractic for Kids & Adults for three and a half years, during which time I have been so lucky to meet and get to know the amazing people who receive care at our office. By far, the best part of my job is seeing people feel better, live better, grow and heal! Also, working with Doctors who specialize in pediatric and prenatal care means lots of beautiful babies and the coolest kids in town to brighten up every day!

Outside of work I enjoy reading, cooking, playing guitar, making art, and spending time with my incredibly awesome family and friends! Living in beautiful Charlotte, I also spend a lot of time adventuring outdoors and mentoring at Shelburne Community School.



Hello, I am Rebecca and I have been working in this chiropractic office for 11 years.  I have seen amazing transformations in people’s health and lives since working here, including my own.  I love coming to work every day knowing I have a hand in helping the community live a healthier, more abundant life.  Our family of patients is what makes this office an absolute joy to come to every day. 

I live in Colchester with my wonderful husband and 4 year old son.  We have been in Colchester for 4 years and love our community.  We enjoy spending time together playing in our woods, having campfires and visiting with our large families.  Our son has recently started playing soccer and basketball and is looking forward to starting school soon.  My husband and I are dedicated to our family and careers and support each other every step of the way.  Many of our patients have been coming to this office since I first started and have seen me go through many life changes including getting married and becoming a mom.  One of my greatest joys is having patients ask me about my family and be able to share that with them and in return be a part of their lives.

My son is my biggest testament to the incredible benefits of chiropractic care.  Of course I received regular chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy which made my pregnancy much more comfortable and reduced the sometimes unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.  I was experiencing severe sciatic pain and acid reflux which were dramatically reduced through regular adjustments.  When my son was born the very first trip he took was to the chiropractor, he was 2 days old.  Since getting regular adjustments he has been incredibly healthy.  My son has never experienced an ear infection and is rarely “sick.”  I know that regular chiropractic care keeps his immune system functioning at its optimum and our family will always be chiropractic patients.  

I encourage everyone who is looking for a higher quality of life to try chiropractic care and ensure your body is working at its best.  Over the years I have seen patients walk through the door for a multitude of reasons and it is remarkable to see how chiropractic can help them get and stay well.